Life at Boston Trinity

Don't just be shaped by what you learn. Be shaped by those with whom you learn.

全国网赌正规平台的社区是改变人生的. 全国网赌正规平台体验的核心是人——朋友, classmates, and teachers that make Boston Trinity what it is. But they don't just shape the school. This community shapes each student. When it's all said and done, not only will you be changed by what you learn, 但是,你向哪些人学习,与哪些人一起学习,将会塑造你成为什么样的人.


A United Community

A multitude of perspectives. One life-changing community.

全国网赌正规平台是真正的多元化,但也真正的团结. Our common pursuit of excellence, faith, service, 品格使我们跨越种族差异团结在一起, status, gender, neighborhoods, and faith backgrounds. Students learn from each other's perspectives. 他们学会尊重彼此,即使在分歧中. 他们和看起来不像他们的人交朋友. 最终,他们已经做好了与多样化的世界和全球经济打交道的充分准备.

Caring for One Another

Every student, known and loved.

全国网赌正规平台,我们彼此关爱. 我们的使命之一是让每一个学生都被了解和喜爱, based on the love Jesus Christ has for each of us. 我们的教师努力确保每个学生都得到学术和个人的支持. 我们的咨询系统将每个学生与一位了解他们学业和个人生活的指导老师配对,并在每一步提供指导和支持. 学生们互相关心,互相推动,取得更大的成就, 而不是为了出人头地而牺牲别人.

Enjoying Life Together

Some fun along the way.

学生们不仅彼此关爱——往往跨越了社会差异. They also actually like each other a lot. Friendships form that last far beyond graduation. Through classroom discussion, performances, clubs, athletics, and house competitions, a lot of fun happens at Boston Trinity. 虽然我们在追求卓越的过程中从未放松,但沿途总会有回忆的空间.